Native American Cultural Encampments Contact

For more information please contact:

Deitrich Peters
Cultural Director
(541) 570-5950

or Contact Kathy Peters at:
(541) 409-3196

About Us

We are a group of Native Americans from different tribes in the U.S. and we provide these encampments to share with you our culture and traditions. If you are an interested Native person please contact us, we want to hear from you and enlarge our group. You can ask us questions and we will answer in the best way we can with the knowledge that has been passed down to us. We bring the history of our people and their journey through this area— trading, gathering, fishing and hunting. At each encampment there is an agenda posted at the entryway to our village. There you will find the dates and times of each event happening Friday through Sunday. Please come visit and talk with us.


Deitrich Peters Grand Ronde Tribe Oregon